So far things are going great for me in @Splinterlands. I have been earning a good amount of DEC, I have pulled some great cards and I finally made the decision to invest in my first Untamed cards. To be honest I was a little lost when these new cards came out, I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at them and kinda lost interest in them. I decided to wait for the market to set a price in this cards and then start investing in the ones that I found more attractive and were less pricey, so that’s what I did.

I’ve been following the strategy of renting one team per season. I started with the Water Splinter, then Fire and finished with Earth last season. Of these three splinters Water was the bes, Fire was regular en Earth was meh… So this time I rented a very powerful Water Splinter for two seasons instead of one, I also rented a few Neutral cards that have become very helpful.

In my experience this is a good tactic, if I’m able to play daily, participate in tournaments and complete quests the STEEM investment used to rent the cards is recovered pretty easily. A lot depends on the cards pulled on Daily Quests Rewards and Season Rewards, but I’m pretty sure that only with the DEC gathered I can have a positive ROI.

My rank goes from Gold III to Diamond III, I reached Diamond II a couple of seasons ago so each season I can earn up to 200 Cards, 40 or 50 from the season and if I’m luck I can earn about 150 cards from daily quests. In 15 days (the length of a season) I think I can earn around 8,000 DEC, I’m not sure of this number because some of the cards I sell are sold for DEC, not all the Dark Energy Crystals come from battles.

### These are the cards I’m using right now to battle:


Life Splinter Beta Cards


Life Splinter Promo and Reward Cards


Life Splinter Untamed Cards

**All these Life Splinter cards are owned by me.***

Water Splinter Cards I have Rented:


Besides three Sea Monster cards I don’t own any of these cards. It was a big investment but thery are very helpful.

Dragon Splinter Cards:


I own these Dragon Splinter Cards that are also very helpful.

Neutral Splinter Cards:


I can play with these Neutral Cards. I rented the Cyclops, Enchanted Pixie and the two Legendaries at the bottom, the rest are mine.

My Untamed Cards:


And these are the Untamed cards I decided to invest in. So far my favorite is the Horny Toad.

Some Awesome Card Pulls I got Recently:




My Collection of Cards: |

@PeakMonsters has been a great tool for me, but sometimes I prefer to buy or combine cards in @Splinterlands official site, I use both really. I recently found out about []( and I will try it in the future.

In past posts I said that I preferred investing in my Steem Account, but I have already reached Dolphin Status so I have started investing more in cards. Looking forward to future updates form Splinterlands and from these tools. This game is truly a great example of what Blochain games can achieve.


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Last modified: January 5, 2020



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