The drama has not stopped. @justinsunsteemit and the TRON community are fighting the STEEM Community, big stakeholders and the original Top 20 Witnesses in Twitter and in every channel available. Hope this can end soon. Even though the drama has been good marketing for STEEM, if they cannot reach a mutual agreement. I still believe in the good thing coming to STEEM, even though I don’t think that the relationship with TRON can be fixed. Justin and the TRON folks are trying to protect their investment, but to be honest they did not make their due diligence and also @ned was not completly honest and he also sis not consult the community about his plans of selling @steemit to someone who was not of the community and who clearly doesn’t know how the platform works.

The drama may continue for some time, my best hope is that Justin decides to give up on the project, recovers his investment and stops trying to centralize our blockchain. If we survive this conflict and I have faith that we will, STEEM will thrive, all the other Crypto Communities will see us as an example of resilience and how we were able to defeat great powers. Some of this powers are of course Justin Sun and also the exchanges that colluded to take away the governance in the chain. I believe that this exchance, at least Binance, were manipulated by Justin and that they did not know what the were doing. These exchanges have received very bad press and that is not something that any company wants, specially a Blockchain company. We will see what happens in the next few days.

My life drama is really not that big. Everything is good at home, the only thing that is stressing me right now is my work. I kinda like my job, but it is very stressing and to be honest is a very demanding job. Dealing with angry customers is not easy, they can be very rude and complain without reason, also the company’s policy sometimes is not very fair with the customers. People can lose a lot of money and time becuase this comapny has very stron restrictions in certain cases and I have to be the one to tell the customer that she has lost his money or that I cannot help them if they do not meet the requirements.

This scenrio is very dark but the worst part is not that. It is the transportation. To be able to arrive at my work on time sometimes I have to leave two hours before my shift starts and to return home is the same or it could be worse. So if I have an eight hour shift, plus one hour of lunch and at least three hours of transportation I have spent half the day in that job. I do not have any time left to work on my STEEM and CREA projects and I also don’t have enough time to continue studying.

This job is only temporary unless I can find good growth opportunities in other areas away of the phones or also we can move closer to the site. I have been changing my mind a lot lately, someday I’m ready to give up on this job and other day I am able to enjoy it. I have been working 40 hours per week for the last month but I have asked to lower the amount of hours to only just 30, this will allow me to work in my other projects beacause at least I will have three free days.

Enough drama for today…


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Last modified: March 7, 2020



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