@Splinterlands is growing and I’m very happy with the current state and excited about upcoming features and updates. The new Untamed cards are here and it is a very ggod expansion, a lot of these cards are very powerful and they also have a great design. I have to say that I still need to study a lot of the cards because I still don’t know a lot of the effects very well and to be hones I’m kind of lost. I think that this is just a matter of time and after playing for one or two months I will be able to recognize this cards.

I’m very excited about the upcoming mobile app, this is something that will be great for the game because many of us will be able to play outside our house, in the street, in the park or while waiting in some boring line.

**My current strategy:**

I tried renting cards some months ago but I was a terrible admin and spent a lot of money unnecessarily. After that bad experience I decided to play only with my own cards, I had to main teams, the Light and Death Splinters. I was doing good bu not good enough, at the most I was able to reach Diamond III, but must of the seasons I ended in Gold I. Then I invested in a couple of Dragon Summoners and also an epic Dragon Card, this helped but it still wasn’t enough. In a dark moment I sold all my Death Splinter cards and this were even more difficult for me then.

Reaching Diamond was more and more difficult at this moment and that’s when I decided to give card rental another chance. I made my best effort and only rented the cards I was going to use. I made a strategy of not spending more than 50 STEEM and it paid off!

Last season I was able to reach Diamond II and I recovered the investment in less than 10 days. I rented the cards for only 14 days, almost the length of the season and I plan to rent different splinters each time. The first time I rented the Water Splinter and this time I am with the Fire Splinter. My objective is to rent some Untamed cards in two or three months, I don’t think that there are enough high level Untamed cards at the moment and I guess I will be more familiar with them by that time.

Maybe in the future I will be able to rent more than to Splinters for each season, this would be good because with the current rules sometimes up to four splinters are being blocked and that can affect players like me that only have one or two good splinter teams.

To finish this post I have to say that I am not a collectionist, I am a minimalist @Splinterlands player I only keep the cards that I use to battle and I sell almost all the cards I got to Power Up Steem. Maybe this is a bad decision but at the moment my Steem Power collection is more important that my Card Collection.

Last modified: December 7, 2019



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